Trying to be hidden, stay anonymous

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There are several ways, several methods that you can try.

1.-First off, you probably heard about these things, they are proxies, so you are just routing your connection throught several different points althought this can be very slow depending on the speed of the proxies, and YOU ALSO KNOW NOTHING of the other site, you know nothing of the servers through wich your packets are going so that can be risky.

But if you’re just scanning something, fi u r nmpaing or footprinting a network, why do you care? it is not of importance.

However, if you’re using proxies to log in somewhere or pass credentials or something of a kind that is potentially dangerous and you should not do that.


2.-VPN service, and to encrypt your traffic between you and the VPN service provider, normally these thing are fast, but you have to pay like hundred and something bucks for a year, you get a dedicated vpn static ip address.

These two options are mainly used for bypass firewalls.

A lot of people use it to watch for example netflix that has a range limitations of ips and you will not allow to view some geographic content.



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