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1.-Connect to and go to the “administrative console”

2.-Sign in

3.-Select services/ec2 – launch instance – Oregon is a good option

4.-Select Ubuntu Server 16.04 lts next

5.-Defaults t2.micro/intstance details/add storage

6.-In tag screen add a name whatever you want

7.-In security group select HTTP-SSH [see below], review and launch

8.-In the screen to pick up a key select the previous key created, launch instances


Great video to connect to EC2 from bitvise



Download bitvise

1.-In login: [the instance you want to connect], port: 22

2.-username: ubuntu, initial method: publickey, clientkkey: global1 already created

[client key manager]

and login, that would open a filemanger and a console.

2a.-if you can not see the key go to: client manager / import / all files, select the .pem file / and use it in the client key drop down option

To install nodejs/mongodb

$sudo apt-get update

$sudo apt-get install nodejs npm mongodb

$sudo service mongodb start

Copy the application and in the application folder run $npm install

Modify the code to publish in port 80

then $sudo nodejs bin/www

Install nodejs like a service

a. Instalar el modulo PM2
$ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node
$sudo npm install pm2 -g
b. Arrancar nuestro servidor de NodeJS
$sudo pm2 start bin/www
c. Instalar pm2 al arranque del servidor
$sudo pm2 startup







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