Free certificates / Godaddy SSL

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1.-Create free certificates

  • select manual verification (dns)
    • How to add TXT to verify in
    • go to manage, and the key, for example:

2.-Download openssl I downloaded the and copied openssl.exe / libeay32.dll / ssleay32.dll to my folder with ca_bundle.crt / certificate.crt / private.key the ran this:

  • c:\something>openssl pkcs12 -export -out -inkey private.key -in certificate.crt
  • And enter a password
  • and in Azure, custom domains and / CNAME>

3.-Then go to azure, upload it the pfx y appservice/ssl certificates and add a binding to:

  • hostname:
  • certificate: (51……6E)
  • Ssl type: sni ssl

  • so I had to include in godaddy
  • That is it

more useful links

ssl checker

tcp connection / pings

Using even in the free version you can use their ssl cert, some useful links…



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